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Official NHSSC Basketball Rules



1. Game Length: The game consists of two 20-minute halves with an intermission of 3 minutes. The clock will run continuously, except during the final 2 minutes of the second half only if the game is within 10 points. At this point, the clock will be stopped for all dead-ball situations. The supervisor has the authority to shorten any game due to time restraints or any other reason.


2. During playoffs, there will be as many overtime periods as necessary to determine a winner. Overtime will be three minutes in length. The clock will stop the last minute of the overtime period.


3. Each team will have 1regular 1 minute timeout for each half of the game. Each team will receive one regular timeout each overtime period. Timeouts do not carry over from regulation to overtime. Teams will be able to advance the ball to mid court on timeouts.



1. A team will consist of 5 players with a minimum of 4 players on the court at all times to continue the game, with at least 2 of each gender on the court at all times.

2. Substitutes must notify the scorekeeper before entering play and may only enter at the referee's signal. Substitutes must remain in the designated area during play.

3. The bonus will be in effect on the 10th team foul. On and after the 10th team foul, the offended team will be awarded 2 free throw attempts. Each player will have 5 personal fouls per game.  After a player has received a 5th personal foul, they may not play on the court for the duration of the game. With 2 minutes or less in the second half, both teams will automatically have a minimum of 7 team fouls. If a team has more than 7 team fouls with 2 minutes or less remaining, that number shall stand. 

 4. There will be ZERO TOLERANCE for unsportsmanlike conduct of any kind. Inappropriate behavior will result in suspension of the player and/or team the game and/or the season.

5. The following is a partial list of prohibited acts for which a technical foul will be assessed for any of these infractions: verbal abuse of an official obscene gestures taunting (ex. Blocking a shot and yelling at opponent) fouls with intent to injure fighting entering the court without permission of an official

6. All technical fouls will count toward a player's total personal fouls. All technical fouls are two shots and the ball possession.

7. Two technical fouls on same person is an automatic ejection. One extreme unsportsmanlike technical or flagrant foul will result in an ejection, at the discretion of the official or supervisor.

8. On free throws, players may enter the lane once the ball has hit the rim. The lane space closest to the free throw shooter is now left unoccupied.

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