Kelleigh Domaingue - President and Owner

Kelleigh is a recovering trial lawyer with a background in public relations and marketing. She fenced saber in college, and loves sports, competition of any nature, cooking up a storm, toddler dance parties, excel spreadsheets and any kind of adrenaline rush that does not require leaving the ground by more than a foot, but she's working on getting over that. She lives in Bedford, NH with her two children, and has no intention of ever figuring out what she really wants to be when she grows up.
Elijah Quimby - General Manager

Elijah graduated from UNH in 2003 with a degree in Environmental Science, but since then has dabbled in banking, accounting and higher education.He grew up playing basketball and soccer, and loves to root on the Patriots as well as the other New England sports teams. He is also an enthusiastic traveller, having visiting over 13 countries and 23 states. He lives in Manchester, NH with his fiancee Sarah, who has come to accept the fact that one day he dreams of being Tom Brady.

Todd Henley - Seacoast Division Manager

Todd has made a career out of playing games. He is currently the Program Coordinator for the Kittery Recreation Department and has a combined 15 years of multi-generational recreation experience. He is an avid sports fan (bleeds Celtics green), chef, traveller, outdoorsman and music lover. He lives in Portsmouth with his wife Jen and their dog Kaya, and he still feels strongly that dodgeball is one of the greatest sports to ever play.
Joe Stelmach - Web Guy

Joe is an overly competitive software engineer, who loves to code and play sports. He has spent the majority of his life working with computers in one way or another. When he can manage to get away from them, you can find him dodging balls with his Burgundy teammates, on the softball field being a Cheap Date, or spending a nice quiet evening at home with his wife Erica.
Ben Dumais - Club Admin

Ben studied Elementary Education at Plymouth State, but decided to leave the profession when he could no longer stay one chapter ahead of the second graders in the curriculum. He has played all kinds of sports growing up, but hockey means the most to him. He is a voracious reader of leather-bound books (mostly paperbacks) and his apartment reeks of rich mahogany. In his free time, Ben can usually be found outdoors in the White Mountains of NH, camping and peak-bagging the 48 4000 footers list, kayaking, and fishing.

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