Q: I missed the registration deadline - can I still sign up?

A: It depends. There are two possible ways to sign up after the registration deadline:

  1. If there is a team that is short the required number of players and/or the required players of this person's gender. If so, the player may register after the deadline and will be placed on that team. The player will receive a "generic" team t-shirt (i.e. printed without sponsor logos or sport/season).
  2. A player may join an already-qualifying team late with the invitation and pre-approval of the team's captain. The express permission of the team captain is required. The late-signing player has until prior to the 5th game of the season to register. After the 5th game, no new players may register except in extreme circumstances and only with the approval of the club manager.
When registering late:

  • Each player must complete a paper registration form and provide payment prior to the start of the game. It is not possible to register late online; this must be done in person or by mail. Registration forms can be given to the field manager (person in charge of the court or field) or the club manager. Players may not play unless they have completed a registration form and paid - no exceptions. Each player will be prorated based on the games their team has already played.

  • The amount due shall be the league cost, which includes the $10 increase post-registration deadline, less $5 for each game elapsed at the time of registration.

  • Players may register through week 5 of play.

  • There is no t-shirt guarantee for late registrants. We are happy to provide a shirt if we have one in stock. However, in the absence of that, we are unable to place t-shirt orders for just a few shirts. In that case, your registration confirmation email serves as proof of NHSSC membership for the sponsor bar, and you may wear a similarly colored shirt to the games.

The paper registration form can be downloaded here

Q: We don't have enough players and need to forfeit. What do we do?

A: Our forfeit policy is stated below:

For weekend sports:
All forfeits must be report VIA A PHONE CALL (not email) to the NHSSC offices by 3PM on the Friday preceding the game.

For week-day sports
All forfeits must be reported via a phone call (not email) to the NHSSC offices by 2PM the day that sport is being held.

If a team does not show up for game time (0, 1 or 2 members present), the following penalties will apply. 1 forfeit – loss of playoff eligibility. 2 forfeits – removal of team from league with no refunds given to team members.

Q: We have an injured player who can't play anymore... can we replace him/her?

A: Injured players may be replaced at no cost prior to the 5th game of the season, according to the following rules:

  1. The replacement player must complete a paper registration form in person or by mail or by fax, and the captain must name the player being replaced.
  2. The new player will permanently replace the injured player on the roster. The injured player may not return for the remainder of the season.
  3. Any payment issues must be worked out between the injured player, the replacement player and the team captain.
  4. The injured player must give his club-provided team t-shirt to the new player. If this t-shirt does not fit or is unavailable, a new "generic" t-shirt may be purchased from the club for $5.

Q: Why do I have to wear my league shirt to the sponsor bar?

A: Your league shirt identifies you as a player in our leagues, and lets your server or the bartender at the sponsor bar know to hook you up with really cool discounts. Without it, they can not verify that you are a member of the league, have a game that night, and should be extended the discount. So please don't forget to keep it on after the game as you head down to the sponsor bar!

Q: I have decided not to play (injury/schedule change/money problems, etc.); can I get a refund?

Any players requesting refunds must do so in writing, or must speak with an NHSSC office staff member over the phone. Team captains cannot request refunds for players on their teams - the request must come from the individual to be refunded.

Before the posted registration deadline, any request to unregister will be honored, and that player will receive a full refund. Refund requests made after the registration deadline will be handled as follows:

  • After the posted league registration deadline: Player cancellations/refund requests will result in a $10 withholding charge for prepaid league expenses.
  • After the league Preseason Meeting (or 1 week prior to the season start date, whichever is earlier): Player cancellations/refund requests will be subject to a $20 withholding charge for prepaid league expenses.
  • After the first league game: All player cancellations refund requests will be subject to a $25 withholding charge for prepaid league expenses

There will be no refunds granted after the second week of game play has elapsed.

In the event that any leagues that are cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances, all paid players will receive full refunds of the league dues.

Q: Can I have a substitute player for a game?

A: No. Unregistered substitute players are not permitted for any reason. All players must be registered with the league and listed on your roster. If an unregistered player is found to be playing, your team will forfeit the game. However, new players may join your roster prior to the 5th game with the approval of the team captain (see FAQ section on late registrations). Also, no player may register to play only one or two games; players may register for the full or partial season only.

Q: Am I required to go to the bar after the game?

A: You are not required to go to the bar, but we encourage players to so in order to get to know their teams and/or other teams better, and to take the edge off of the competition.

Q: I will miss a game or two this season. What do I do?

A: We understand that not everyone can make every game. Partly for this reason, we require larger rosters to help ensure that teams will not be short players when one or two people are unable to make it. Just let your team captain know if you aren't able to make a game (you can find their email address and phone number by logging into your Club website account and viewing your team roster).

Q: I was placed on a team that doesn't have a captain. What do I do?

A: Some teams are composed entirely of players who signed up individually or with small groups. We affectionately call these teams 'rabble' teams. They are a great way to meet new people! Once you have met everyone at the pre-season kickoff party, you can select a captain.

Q: I don't like a call a referee made. What can I do?

A: If an official has behaved in an unprofessional, irresponsible or incompetent manner, please let us know; we'll look into and take action when necessary. However, it's a different story when it comes to in-game calls, including game ejections. In the history of sports, countless officials have made mistakes and players have argued with officials over mistakes, real or imagined. Sometimes those calls affect the outcome of the game. Such is life in the world of playing sports. The NHSSC will never overturn or replay a game because of a referee's call ever so don't ask us to.

Q: What is the minimum team size for every sport?

A: The minimum team size is calculated based upon the number of players on the field/court at any given time, plus a margin of error of 4 players. This accounts for absences and substitutions. For example, a volleyball team playing 6 on 6 would have a minimum of 10 players on the team, and a soccer team of 8 on 8 wouls have a minimum of 12 players per team. Teams that have less than the minimum paid players by the deadliine will be combined or augmented with free agents to reach the minimum.

Q: What if I want a team with less than the minimum?

A: Teams can register with less than the minimum amount of players under 2 circumstances: (1) the team pays a team fee to hold the team, which is the equivalent of the registration fee multiplied by the minimum number of players. For example, the team registration fee for volleyball would be $500. The team fee must be paid in full by the registration deadline, and would guarantee the team up to the minimum amount of players; and (2) should the team forfeit due to a lack of attendance, the team would be ineligible for the playoffs in that particular sport.

Q: Where do I mail my payment to?

A: Payments can be mailed to the following address:

40 West Brook St.
Second Floor
Manchester, NH 03101

Q: I want to pay, but cannot find the 'Pay' link. Where is it?

A: To reach the 'Pay' link, complete the following steps:

  1. Sign in to your NHSSC account
  2. Click on My Profile
  3. In the Teams section, any unpaid leagues will display the amount owed and a 'Pay' link next to that amount

Q: I am already signed up and registered, but now I want to switch teams. How can I do that?

A: To join another team, complete the following steps:

  1. Sign in to your NHSSC account
  2. Navigate to the team you wish to join
  3. Click on the button labeled Join This Team. This will place you on the roster for the new team. Be advised, the captain of the new team will still have to approve your request.
Note: Once registration has ended, players cannot switch teams.

Q: I have league credits that I want to apply. How can I do that?

A: To reach the 'Pay' link, complete the following steps:

  1. Sign in to your NHSSC account
  2. Click on My Profile
  3. In the Teams section, any unpaid leagues will display the amount owed, a 'Pay' link, and an option to apply any available credtis.
  4. Click on Apply Credits and they will be applied to that specific team.

Q: I paid for my league after the preseason party, where my shirt?

Team shirts are ordered at the league registration deadline and take 2-3 weeks to arrive. All team captains are expected to pick up shirts at the Preseason party and shirts will be given to all players who have paid in full by the registration deadline. All players who sign up and/or pay at the Preseason party will be given shirts based on availability. Those players who pay AFTER the preseason party will be given shirts based on availble stock. However, because of the large number of players paying late, players paying after the preseason party will be expected to pick up their shirts at the NHSSC offices. Pick up times can be arranged by emailing info@nhssc.com

Can a player from another team sub in for my team? What about a player from another night or division?

A player from the same league, division and night may sub in for a non-playoff game only where the opposing team AND the field manager have consented to the substitution. No player may act as a substitute unless they play in the exact same league (e.g., Monday hockey players may not sub in on any other night except Mondays).

I need the schedule changed for a conflict, can you handle this?

Every season we post schedules for numerous sports and divisions in different cities and towns. We use an automated scheduling program to make the schedules as fair as possible. If we didn't use an automated program, schedules would take weeks if not months to write. Unfortunately, due to the number of teams in the leagues, we do not take scheduling requests. Teams may switch slots with any other team by agreement of the captains, with the following caveats: 1. A team may only switch one time per session; and 2. If the switch creates a scenario where a team plays another team more than once, the team desiring the switch must get the consent of the team being played twice prior to the switch being approved.