All NHSSC league standings utilize the following tie-breaking procedure whenever teams are tied for league points (PTS). If a tie still exists after applying a tie-breaking rule, the next rule in the list is used.
  1. Head-to-head - If the teams played one another during the regular season, the team with the better record vs. the other team wins.
  2. Strength of Victory (SOV) - This measures the combined record of a team's defeated opponents, for each game played against them. Teams that beat teams with good records will have a higher SOV than teams that beat teams with poor records. The SOV is only used for breaking a tie; it is not useful as an overall measure of a team's performance.
  3. Points Against (PA) - The team with the lowest PA wins.
  4. Points For (PF) - The team with the highest PF wins.
  5. Coin Toss

Starting Spring 2014 forfeits for each particular sport will have an assigned forfeit score that will be used for tie-breaking procedures. An initial place holding score of 1-0 may be used to denote a forfeit situation, and that score will be revised upon completion of the season, and used to break any ties that may have occurred for playoff seedings.

  1. Kickball 4-0
  2. Dodgeball 8-0
  3. Volleyball 3-0
  4. Softball 8-0
  5. Football 28-0
  6. Basketball 40-0
  7. Floor Hockey 4-0
  8. Soccer 4-0
  9. Ultimate Frisbee 15-0

Note:If three or more teams finish with identical records, the aforementioned tiebreakers will be used, in that order, until a champion is determined. If two or more clubs remained tied after one is eliminated during any step, the tie breakers reverts to step 1. Additionally, when comparing Head-to-Head records for more than 2 teams, the higher winning percentage shall prevail, even if the number of games played against the team or group are unequal (i.e., 2-0 is better than 3-1); in the case of tied percentages vs. the group of 1.000 or .000 the following shall apply: 2-0 is better than 1-0; 0-1 is better than 0-2; 0-1-1 is better than 0-1.