Club Sponsorships

Club sponsorships are offered at three different levels and provide you with the opportunity to reach out to over 15,000 active young adults with over 300,000 annual brand impressions statewide. Please contact Elijah Quimby

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Local Sponsors

The NHSSC also provides an opportunity for individuals or businesses on a more local level for various sponsorships in a specific league or division only. Local sponsorships can help businesses and organizations increase brand awareness to a young and active demographic in your market area. For information, please contact Elijah Quimby

Social Sponsorships

The ‘social’ aspect of the NHSSC is that after games all players are invited to a local bar or restaurant for discounted specials and of course to socialize. Social sponsorships can provide brand exposure to active young adults and increase your customer base; not just on game nights but year round. For information on how you can benefit from being a social sponsor in a specific area, please contact
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